Key Reasons Behind the Decision to Invest in a Long-Term Care Policy or Friends Life Care Membership


Research was done to compare and contrast the reasons why Long-Term Care Insurance policyholders and Friends Life Care members chose to invest in the long-term care services. 

The survey revealed important similarities between Long-Term Care Insurance policyholders and Friends Life Care members. As the charts below show, all respondents indicated that the following three reasons ranked very high for them:

  • Having choice for where care is received

  • Avoiding becoming a burden to loved ones

  • Securing and protecting assets

In addition, 50% of the Friends Life Care member segment also identified “Prevention and Wellness” as a Very Important/Important reason behind their decision.


  • Survey sent via email using Survey Monkey platform, March 2022; respondents remained anonymous

  • Number of people surveyed in total — 676

  • Number of people with a Long-Term Care Insurance Policy  219

  • Overall response rate  31%

If you are interested in discussing this information or hearing about the verbatim responses captured, please contact us.