Win-Win Formula


“The Friends Life Care ‘Member’ Program is the longest and largest Pilot Study demonstrating the efficacy of care coordination and pre-claim policyholder engagement”. 

– Quote from a Principal Consulting Actuary, Well-Known and Respected LTCI Industry Actuarial Firm

Friends Life Care The Win-Win Formula. Engagemnet plus assessment tools plus interventions equals healthier members and reduced claim costs.

Friends Life Care Consultants brings Insurance Carriers the most comprehensive solution for pre-claim policyholder engagement, best-in-class risk stratification and successful aging in place. 

The results are real.  They are modeled, measured and benchmarked against Long-Term Care Insurance Providers. 

It is a Win-Win formula.  Partner with us to gain the positive impact you need in  cost reductions through claim delay, shortening of claims, and claim recoveries.

A partnership with Friends Life Care Consultants can positively impact both Long-Term Care Insurance  Carriers and their Policyholders.